The Arkansas Living Trust Guide is our gift to you. We at ILP+ Arkansas want to help you get clarity about protecting yourself, your family and your legacy from the pitfalls of probate. A Living Trust will preserve the integrity of your estate and provide privacy for your heirs. We’re here to help  you!

Includes these topics and more:

  • Probate and Three Really Good Reasons to Avoid It
  • How a Living Trust Really Works
  • What a Living Trust Does NOT Do
  • What to Do With IRA Accounts (and Other Tax Qualified Retirement Plans)
  • Can a Living Trust Impact the Estate Tax My Heirs May Have to Pay?
  • How Can a Living Trust Protect Your Spouse (And Your Assets) from the Next Spouse if You Die First?
  • How Can a Living Trust Protect Your Heirs from Divorce & Lawsuits and Their Own Immaturity?