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Why We’re The Perfect Fit For You

Many financial advisors regard us as their indispensable partner. Why? We have a unique way of working with advisors that powerfully reinforces the advisor’s relationship with their client or prospective client. Our process creates four potential outcomes for the advisor:

  1. A deeper, more bonded relationship with the client or prospective client
  2. More assets under management and the placement of additional financial products
  3. Preservation of your book of business over generations
  4. Expanded list of new referrals

Our Core Premise

Clients want and deserve to hear a consistent message from the professionals they hire to help them. And advisors want to know that the client’s estate planning lawyer is not going to stray outside his competence and provide financial advice that conflicts with and undermines the recommendations the advisor has worked hard to develop.

The Advisor Video

If you want to know more about how we can work with you to help support and build your practice, watch this 10 minute video

Become a member of the ILP + Advisors Institute

Membership is free to Arkansas based financial advisors, but the benefits are valuable. We are working every day to make the Institute a practical resource to financial advisors. By making the effort to join, you are expressing your commitment to the work you do and your desire to grow and learn. We will provide you with valuable resources that you can put to work immediately in your work with your clients and prospects. We hope that when the fit is right, we will have the opportunity to work together. But we know you have other professional relationships, and the things you learn by participating with us here at the Institute will be useful in all your client engagements, whether we’re involved or not. It’s a big world with lots of opportunity, and we know that if we do all we can to help empower you, we’ll get our share. Here is what you can expect from your participation in the Institute:


  • Monthly telephone conference with new ideas and strategies (and continuing education credit)
  • Opportunity to plug in to a community of professionals committed to personal and professional growth
  • Access to educational videos on estate planning, business planning, IRA planning and other topics—all focused on helping you connect with clients and make sales.
  • Our Knowledge is Power ™ newsletter. We will create each issue for the sole purpose of identifying practical opportunities to grow your practice.
  • If enough interest is indicated, we will plan live educational workshops

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Our Connections

ILP + The Book


It is possible to protect yourself, your family and your business or professional practice from the real threats that keep you up at night.  The law provides more and better solutions than ever before in history. In this book, Stan explains in clear, understandable language how these powerful solutions can be deployed to protect what you have earned and built.   Available Early Summer 2015

ILP + The Webinar


In this hour-long webinar, Stan explains how to avoid probate and protect your heirs with a revocable living trust. You will learn how to protect your loved ones what many consider to be an expensive, lengthy, and unnecessary court process. You will also learn what a living trust is and why having a living trust will protect your children, grandchildren and other heirs.   Available Now

The Roadmap

The Roadmap to Total Protection will guide you to complete protection and peace of mind in a simple 3 step process.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Years of Combined Experience
In Billions, the Dollar Value of Wealth We Have Protected
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