Our 3 Step Process

Years of experience as estate planners has taught us the unfortunate truth that most estate plans do not work as the client intended.  We want the plans we create to work and accomplish the goals the client wanted to accomplish when they made the investment of time and money to create the plan.  We have developed unique, three-step process we use in every planning engagement.  The three steps can be briefly summarized as follows:


Carefully identify every risk that matters to the client


Match the risks to the planning tools that are available (there are more than 50) so that each risk that motivated the client to plan is addressed in an understandable way


Review the client’s plan annually with a checklist-driven process that takes into account the changes in the law, changes in the family, changes in assets that cause a plan to fail

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In this 4 minute video, Little Rock Attorney Stan Miller explains each step of our unique Three Step Planning Process.

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The Roadmap to Total Protection will guide you to complete protection and peace of mind in a simple 3 step process.

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