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Old Age Should Be A Time of Joy… Not Fear

Old age should be a time of joy and reflection.  Seniors should be able to spend their time traveling, enjoying family and engaging in productive or creative pursuits. It should not be a time of anxiety.  But often, later years are spent in fear that a lifetime of savings will  be exhausted to pay for the cost of health care or nursing home care.

Our job is to help remove that fear and replace it with peace of mind.  We are Arkansas elder law lawyers based in Little Rock.  We have the legal skill and training to help clients implement solutions that provide real protection from the risks that come with old age.  Attorneys in our law firm are founding members of ElderCounsel and active members of the National Association of Elderlaw Attorneys (NAELA).  We stay on the cutting edge of solutions that work here in Arkansas as well as the trends that are developing around the country.

Families of Arkansas seniors often reach out to us to help them implement these planning services:

We use our unique Three Step Process to identify the specific risks that are an authentic concern for our elderly client.  We will design planning solutions that provide protection and peace of mind, not only for the elderly client, but for the family members that care about them.

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ILP + The Book


It is possible to protect yourself, your family and your business or professional practice from the real threats that keep you up at night.  The law provides more and better solutions than ever before in history. In this book, Stan explains in clear, understandable language how these powerful solutions can be deployed to protect what you have earned and built.

Available Early Summer 2015

ILP + The Webinar


In this hour-long webinar, Stan explains how to avoid probate and protect your heirs with a revocable living trust. You will learn how to protect your loved ones what many consider to be an expensive, lengthy, and unnecessary court process. You will also learn what a living trust is and why having a living trust will protect your children, grandchildren and other heirs.   Available Now

The Roadmap

The Roadmap to Total Protection will guide you to complete protection and peace of mind in a simple 3 step process.

“The only thing you take with you when you’re gone is what you leave behind.”

– John Allston

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